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CosyFeed (Papifeed)

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Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy with Scheduled Meals and Portion Control


Schedule up to 4 meals with portion control for your pets, ensuring they stay healthy and happy. Prevent fast eating, control weight, and simplify cleaning with a removable stainless steel bowl. Dual power supply and transparent window for easy monitoring. Enjoy 1-year warranty and Toronto-based customer service from Wenhome.

  • Smart Feeding: Scheduled meals, portion control, and up to 4 daily servings.
  • Healthy Habits: Slow feeder, precise portions, and weight control.
  • Easy Cleaning: Removable parts, stainless steel bowl for hygiene.
  • Dual Power: Wall and battery-powered for uninterrupted feeding.
  • Transparent Monitoring: Clear window for easy food level checks.
  • Reliable Support: 1-year warranty, Toronto-based customer service.


  • Capacity
    3 L
  • Product Dimension
    7.28"x10.24"x10.63" / 185x260x270mm
  • Power Type
    Dual Power Supply

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