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Desk Core

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Elevate Your Work, Elevate Your Life

Experience a revolution in workspace ergonomics with the Tower Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This desk is not just an innovative solution; it's a game-changer. With an all-in-one box, super quick 10-minute setup, anti-collision feature, four custom presets, and convenient USB charging, you can finally say goodbye to the hassles of traditional desks. Your health and productivity will thank you.

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Features That Redefine Your Desk Experience


The Tower Height Adjustable Standing Desk is designed for your convenience and efficiency. With a built-in USB charging port, it ensures that your devices are always powered up. Setting up the desk is a breeze, taking just 10 minutes, thanks to the super quick installation. Safety is a priority with its anti-collision feature, and the four custom presets allow you to easily switch between preferred heights. Plus, it all comes in one packaging box, simplifying the process even further. Elevate your work experience with the Tower Height Adjustable Standing Desk.

  • Convenient USB Charging
  • Super Quick 10 Minutes Set Up
  • Anti-Collision
  • 4 Custom Presets
  • All In One Packaging Box


  • Surface Dimensions
  • Height Range
  • Average Assembly Time
    10-20 mins
  • Lifting Capacity
    110 lbs/(50kg)
  • Lifting Speed
  • Anti-collision
  • Motor Type
  • Column Stage
  • Noise Level
    <50 dB
  • Warranty
    5 years for frame, 1 year for top

Unleash a New Era of Productivity

Introducing the Tower Height Adjustable Standing Desk, the catalyst for a healthier and more efficient work routine. Ditch the clunky assembly process, eliminate the fear of furniture damage, and enjoy seamless transitions between sitting and standing. Your work and life are about to reach new heights.

Quick Installation Product

With Tower, we value your time. Our standing desk is engineered for quick and easy installation. No more wrestling with complicated setups or frustrating hours of assembly. The frame comes intact with the desktop, drastically reducing the assembly time, making it easier for you to enjoy your new standing desk sooner.

Cold-Formed Steel Frame

Our Tower standing desk features a high-quality SPCC steel frame with an advanced manufacturing process for exceptional durability. The desk offers a height adjustment range of 28.7" to 48.4", ensuring flexibility and long-term reliability.

Ergonomic C-Shaped Leg Design

The Tower standing desk boasts an ergonomic C-shaped leg design, providing maximum legroom and the convenience of easily sliding the desk under small bookcases or furniture for efficient space management.

Single-Piece High-Quality MDF Desktop

Experience unparalleled durability and elegance with the Tower standing desk's single-piece high-quality MDF desktop, combining strength and style seamlessly.

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