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Your All-in-One Control Center for a Pet-Centric Lifestyle

Wenhome Companion App

Introducing the Wenhome Companion App – your pet care control center. Manage feeders, fountains, cameras, and more, all in one place. Set schedules, monitor in real-time, and ensure your pet's well-being with ease. Elevate your pet-centric lifestyle today.

Forbes Junior Study Desk

A Desk That Adapts and Grows with Your Child

WENHOME study desk can adapt to the needs of the moment, and help children keep active behaviours and correct postures. It offers a multifunctional area on which to write, read or paint for children, and grow with the children and their needs.

WenHome is now available at BestBuy, Walmart, and Amazon! Proudly Canadian: Quality Assured 🌟

Smart Pet Devices

Meet our smart pet devices - designed to enhance the well-being of your beloved pets while simplifying your life.

  • Litter Box - Ipurr

    • Ionic Odor Sterilization
    • 9L Large Litter Collector
    • Self-Cleaning Function
    • Detachable Design
  • VisionFeed

    • 1080P Camera
    • Extended Feeding Capacity
    • 5L Capacity
    • Advanced Privacy Protection
  • Water Fountain

    • Large 3L Capacity
    • Triple Filtration System
    • Whisper-quiet operation
  • CosyFeed

    • Smart Feeding
    • 3L Large Capacity 
    • Easy Cleaning
    • Dual Power Supply
  • SmartFeed

    • 4L Large Capacity 
    • Dual Power Supply 
    • Timed Food Dispensing
    • Anti-clogging Mechanism

Anti-collision system

Rest easy with our desk's anti-collision feature, ensuring your furniture remains damage-free. Enjoy peace of mind as it automatically adjusts to protect itself, leaving you worry-free and your desk well-preserved.

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