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Duo Standing Desk Frame

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Tailored Workspace Solutions with Kama Pro Frame

Discover how Kama Pro Frame brings versatility and hassle-free upkeep to your workspace with Flexible Desktop Compatibility and Easy Access and Maintenance.

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Adaptable and Low-Maintenance


The Kama Pro Frame is a dynamic standing desk frame designed to enhance your workspace. With a powerful dual-motor system, it offers adjustable height within a wide range of 22.8" to 48.4", making it adaptable to your specific needs. This frame boasts an anti-collision feature for safety and four custom memory settings, accessible through the new modern rotary switch, ensuring a tailored and ergonomic experience. Additionally, its super quick installation and high load capacity of 275lbs make it a top choice for a versatile and efficient workspace setup.

  • Anti-Collision Feature
  • 4 Custom Memory Setting
  • New Mordern Rotary Switch
  • Super Quick Installation
  • Dual-Motor System 
  • Height Range: 22.8"- 48.4"/580- 1230mm
  • Max. Load Capacity: 275lbs/ 125Kg
  • Recommended Tabletop Dimensions:
  • 47.2"-78.7"/1200-2000mm (Width)
  • 23.6"-31.5"/600-800mm (Depth)


  • Height Range
  • Average Assembly Time
    15-30 mins
  • Lifting Capacity
    275 lbs/(125kg)
  • Lifting Speed
  • Anti-collision
  • Column Stage
  • Noise Level
    <45 dB
  • Warranty
    5 years for frame, 1 year for top

Discover Kama Pro Frame

Experience the essence of flexibility and accessibility in the Kama Pro Frame. Elevate your workspace with the perfect foundation for your ideal standing desk setup.

Enhanced Motor and Structure

Experience smooth and stable height adjustments thanks to our dual-motor lifting system and the reinforced double crossbeam structure.

Flexible Desktop Compatibility

The Kama Pro Frame accommodates desktops ranging from 47.2" to 78.7" in width and 23.6" to 31.5" in depth, offering a wide array of options for your ideal tabletop, transforming your workspace.

Intuitive Rotary Switch

Our modern rotary switch and three programmable height presets ensure effortless and precise adjustments to your desired heights.

Easy Access and Maintenance

Kama Pro Frame's accessible components make upkeep and repairs simple, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience in maintaining your standing desk frame.

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