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Cat Treat Ball

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WENHOME Interactive Cat Treat Dispensing Ball Toy for Boredom Relief and Weight Management


Keep your cat entertained and healthy with our Interactive Cat Treat Dispensing Ball Toy! Alleviate boredom and aid weight management with controlled treat dispensing. Stimulate your cat's intelligence and keep them engaged for hours!

  • BOREDOM RELIEF: This cat food dispensing ball toy can help alleviate boredom-related behavior problems such as excessive meowing, scratching, or aggression.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: The cat treat dispenser ball dispenses small portions of food daily to help you control your cat's weight. Combined with exercise, it encourages your cat to work for their food.
  • APPLICABLE FOOD: The cat treat dispensing ball has a leakage mouth suitable for treats less than 1cm/0.4in in diameter. Made of safe, durable material, it is also easy to clean.
  • INTELLIGENCE TRAINING: This pet slow feeder ball toy is perfect for pet intelligence training, allowing cats to learn how to roll the ball to get food to fall out.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The cat food dispensing puzzle ball is easy to use and allows you to adjust the size of the food leakage mouth according to the size of the cat food or how easily you want your cat to access it.


  • Product Dimension
    2"x2"x2" / 50x50x50mm

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