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Steam Static-Free Pet Grooming Brush

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Effortless Grooming with Wenhome Steam Static-Free Pet Brush!


Discover the Wenhome Steam Static-Free Pet Grooming Brush, your answer to staticky fur and stubborn tangles. This brush's unique steam spray feature effortlessly tackles dust and dirt while combating static electricity, ensuring a smooth grooming experience for your pet. Compatible with all pets and featuring high-quality materials and USB rechargeability.

  • Unique Spray Feature: The "wenhome" pet brush's unique spray feature solves the problem of staticky fur and stubborn tangles. This innovative function effortlessly tackles dust and dirt while combating static electricity, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free grooming experience for your furry friend. With just a gentle spritz, say hello to a beautifully groomed pet without the fuss.
  • Skin-friendly Design: The gentle, rounded rubber tips at the top and 140° bent needles of this pet brush ensure a skin-friendly grooming experience. This thoughtful design prevents any potential harm to your pet's skin, allowing for comfortable grooming sessions without scratching. 
  • Avoid static electricity: The cat brush is equipped with a water spray design that gently mists the hair while leaving the pet's fur slightly moist. This moisture aids in softening and removing hair, particularly effective during autumn and winter, thereby preventing difficulties in combing due to static electricity.
  • Fits for Any PetsThis grooming tool is versatile, suitable for all types of pets, from cats to dogs and beyond, whether your pet has short or long fur. It can ensures ideal care for various pets, making grooming sessions a breeze for pet owners of all kinds.
  • Premium Materials & USB Rechargeable: The ‘wenhome’ pet brush boasts high-quality ABS construction and stainless steel comb teeth for durability and gentle grooming. Plus, with USB rechargeability, you can groom your pet without worrying about battery depletion.


  • Product Dimension
    4.5"x7.9"x3.5" / 115x200x90mm
  • Power Type

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